Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal has been to create the first bespoke insurance policy for sailors & individuals who work on or around boats.

We aim to provide you with the information you need to select a policy that gives you peace of mind regarding your finances should you suffer an injury that means you cannot work.

Please read the Terms and Conditions page carefully, it will propably answer any questions you may have, but to make things simplier we have answered some of the most frequenty asked questions below.

We hope you find all the answers you need here, but if you have further questions, are unsure of any details or would just like to chat your policy needs over with an expert, please contact us or call us on +44 (0)2380 63 66 77.

Can I pay for my new Sailors Insured policy monthly?

Yes, via our website

How will I receive my insurance documents once purchased?

You will be emailed PDF’s of your full policy documents.  These will include policy number & details, start & renewal dates and full emergency contact details should you need to make a claim.  Your policy documents will also be stored in your password protected ‘My Account’ page on

Will my policy renew year on year?

Sailors Insured will contact you before your policy 12 month term expires with an offer of your new 12 month policy. Should you agree your policy will be renewed.

Will my new Sailors Insured policy cover an old injury?

The policys contains a warranty that you are fit & healthy at inception of cover. You will not be able to purchase a policy from the website if you are unable to tick the box confirming this. If you have a previous injury, but can demostrate when you take out the policy that you are fit & healthy and able to carry out your job, e.g. by producing a letter from your GP, then expenses arising from a recurrence of the previous injury will be covered, subject to the terms & conditions of the policy.

Can I view my insurance policy online?

Once you have purchased your Sailors Insured policy you will have access to your account login via the Sailors Insured website to view all your policy details & terms.

Will my new Sailors Insured policy cover personal equipment including mobile phone & laptop being lost or stolen during a regatta?

No, the policys covers you, not your personal effects, however, it is possible to amend the policys to include personal effects, baggage etc., subject to additional premium. If you wish to add additional cover please call or contact Fastnet Marine via the Contact page to see how we can tailor your policy to suit your needs.

If I injure my self away from regattas ie in the gym training can I claim on my new Sailors Insured policy?

Yes. However, if this happens and you are in the UK, you will be expected to contact your GP or hospital and receive medical treatment from the NHS.

How is TTD and PTD defined?

Temporary Total Disablement
Temporary disablement, which entirely prevents the Insured Person from engaging in his usual business or occupation.

Permanent Total Disablement
Total Disablement, caused other than by Loss of Hearing or Speech, Loss of Limb, Loss of Sight, which has lasted for at least 12 consecutive months and will in all probability prevent an Insured Person from engaging totally in gainful employment for the remainder of his life.

how does the medical expenses limit work? What does that cover exactly? does the cover differ if i get injured in the Solent or in the atlantic for example?

Essentially, the medical expenses cover is aimed at paying for the treatment you need following an accident occurring outside the UK (assuming you are entitled to NHS care in the UK.) If you injure yourself whilst racing in the Solent, it would be expected that you would seek treatment under the NHS, as this is not a pure private medical plan. However, if you are injured whilst (e.g.) sailing in the Caribbean or Transatlantic, the cover will take care of medical treatment overseas, and if applicable, the cost of repatriating you to the UK.

Does my Sailors Insured policy exclude coverage in other activities?

Yes, should the insured person be engaging in:

  1. Naval, military or air force service or operations;
  2. Cave Diving, Diving for Hire or Reward, Rock Climbing or mountaineering normally involving the use of ropes or guides, potholing, hang gliding, parachuting, hunting horseback, driving or riding in any kind of race,
  3. Solo Diving, unless diving not more than 5 metres.
  4. Diving below 5 metres unless the insured person holds a British Sub Aqua Club or equivalent certificate and that their rules and guidelines are followed at all times, but cover herein excludes Diving below 30 metres.
  5. Driving or riding on motorcycles, or motor scooters other than mopeds;
  6. Winter Sports except for Crew Members when the Exclusion is replaced by an Exclusion of taking part in any race, competition or display, ski jumping, ski-joring, bob or skeleton sledging or taking part in ice hockey.

So basically, you can still go skiing or snowboarding and be covered, as long as you are not racing!

I am a non-UK resident, do I qualify for a Sailors Insured policy?

Yes, but you will need to call or email to arrange your policy with us rather than buying online.

Please email us at or call Fastnet Marine on the number below

Telephone: +44 (0)2380 63 66 77
Office hours: Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00

Are insurance payouts tax free?

No. Insurance payouts should be declared as income.


In the case of death who can claim my payout?

Your next of kin / ‘estate’ should contact Fastnet Marine in these unfortunate circumstances.